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Industry News

Economy Is In A Virtuous Cycle Based On This Week's Data
The unemployment rate dropped sharply to 4.6% in November and 178,000 new jobs were created, as the economy settled into a virtuous cycle. Remember the vicious cycle the economy fell into after the housing bubble of 2006 begat the debt crisis of 2007, which led to The Great Recession of 2008. The U.S. economy now is in a virtuous cycle, when a chain of good events triggers more good events.more >

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts On The U.S. Economy
Though Thanksgiving 2016 is now past - and we hope you had a great holiday - it's not too late be thankful for the very excellent economy we're experiencing.more >

Stocks Rise To Near All-Time High As Key Economic Reports Show Strength
Reverting to where it was before a nine-day selloff leading up to the Presidential election, the Standard & Poor's 500 rallied back last week, amid a flow of data confirming strong new economic growth is under way in the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).more >


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