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2015 Trustmont National Conference

This year's conference is being held at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center on Monday, September 21, and Tuesday, September 22. 

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Industry News

8 Compelling Tax Reasons For Roth IRA Conversion
Should you convert assets in a traditional IRA into a Roth? It depends on your personal circumstances and preferences, and there's no right or wrong answer. Still, there are a number of significant reasons why you might want to pull the trigger on a Roth conversion. Consider these eight:more >

Steer Clear Of These 7 Traps For IRA Owners
The rules for IRAs offer plenty of opportunities to save a tidy nest egg through contributions directly to the accounts as well as rollovers from 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored retirement plans. Funds in the accounts normally compound tax-deferred while you're working and into the early years of your retirement. You won't owe a penny of federal income tax until you take money out of your IRA.more >

Combine Investment And Tax Benefits In 529 Plans
With college costs continuing to soar, what's a cash-strapped parent to do? Consider the benefits of a Section 529 plan. This vehicle can provide tax-advantaged earnings for multiple students in your family without adverse gift tax complications. Anyone, including a student's grandparent, can set up a 529 plan.more >


Darren Miller swimming
Trustmont sponsors Darren Miller as he swims the straits and raises awareness for open-heart surgery in infants and children. >>

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