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Anthony C. Hladek named President of Trustmont Financial Group
After 27 years, Founder & President of Trustmont Financial Group, Inc., Peter D. Dochinez, has retired from his position as the firm’s... more >


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14 Sure-Fire Midyear Tax Planning Moves In ‘14
Even as we approach the midpoint of this year, it's still not clear whether some favorable tax provisions that officially expired last year will be extended retroactively into 2014. Yet while that uncertainty could affect your tax planning for this year, there's plenty we do know that you could act upon. Consider these 14 midyear tax strategies for '14:1. Sell securities at a gain. Despite recent tax law changes, you still can benefit from rules that give you a tax break on investment sales.more >

How Best To Leave IRAs To Your Grandchildren
Would you like to set aside money for your young grandchildren? One way to do that without giving up control over the assets is to leave one or more of your IRAs to the grandkids. If you handle things correctly, the youngsters have to take only minimal distributions during their lifetimes, enabling the funds to grow and compound for decades.more >

Enter The Five Dimensions Of Federal Income Taxes
There's more to the federal income tax system than just a single calculation. In fact, upper-income taxpayers—especially those generating income from investments—actually must cope with five "dimensions" of taxation: (1) ordinary income tax; (2) capital gains and losses; (3) the alternative minimum tax; (4) the net investment income tax; and (5) a reduction of itemized deductions and personal exemptions. Here's a quick rundown:more >


Darren Miller swimming
Trustmont sponsors Darren Miller as he swims the straits and raises awareness for open-heart surgery in infants and children. >>

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